Third times the charm?

Our third prototype brings a sharper blade, annoyance, and a decent shave.

More progress, and some frustration, here at Blade Research HQ.

The good: The blade is now very sharp. Like, 'watch out, Gillette' sharp. Based on measurements from an electron microscope, the blades we have now are comparable to any widely available shaving razor in terms of how 'thin' the tip is.

The bad: our cartridges (the plastic part that holds the razor) still need some work. We've been relying on 3D printing for our prototype cartridges, but we've had problems getting the cartridges built exactly to our specification and finding plastic that is tough enough to last the months or even years we're envisioning this cartridge being in use for. 

That being said, the cartridge is fixable, and overall we were impressed with how shaveable this razor wasNot perfect, but cutting close enough and comfortably enough that you could roll out of bed, run this bad boy across your face, and then head into the office.

And most importantly, this test showed that the bold idea we had when we started this business roughly a year ago was true. You can shave with sapphire. It's not exactly going to the moon, but in our book that's pretty cool.

Keep watching. We're making progress.

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about us

Blade Research started with two guys and a simple question. Why don’t razor blades last longer? After years of shaving with (and throwing away) razors on a weekly basis we knew there had to be a better way. So we created Blade Research. With a few thousand dollars and the summer off after grad school, we researched and experimented until we had an idea we felt would solve this problem: a sapphire razor with a lifetime measured in months or even years. Look for the first version of our razor to go on sale in 2019.