Sapphire works!

Our first prototype proves you can shave with sapphire.

It took ten months, thousands of dollars, and more than a few calls with international experts. But, we're finally here: our first working prototype. 

It's not perfect. The cartridge needs adjustment, the blade could be a bit sharper, and we're still experimenting with coatings. But, we've proven our thesis: sapphire can be used to make a shaving razor. 

Expect more improvements in the coming weeks. And Gillette, if you're reading this, we're coming for you. 


about us

Blade Research started with two guys and a simple question. Why don’t razor blades last longer? After years of shaving with (and throwing away) razors on a weekly basis we knew there had to be a better way. So we created Blade Research. With a few thousand dollars and the summer off after grad school, we researched and experimented until we had an idea we felt would solve this problem: a sapphire razor with a lifetime measured in months or even years. Look for the first version of our razor to go on sale in 2019.