Moving forward!

Henry gets a haircut. And we show off our second prototype!

Things on the SS Blade Research have been steaming ahead nicely.

In addition to Henry finally getting a haircut (my mother's only comment on the last video was 'your co-founder looks homeless.'), we've made a number of improvements to the razor.

In terms of the cartridge, we've adjusted the angle it shaves at, removed some material to allow it to shave more closely, and made it fit better with our handle. 

For the blade, we've added an anti-friction coating. Much like the Teflon on your frying pan ensures that the eggs you're cooking for breakfast don't stick, this anti-friction coating ensures that our razor will glide easily through your hair. 

These changes have resulted in a noticeable improvement in the shave quality. However, more work needs to be done. With our next iteration, expect our cartridge to cut closer and our blade to be sharper. 

Still, we're making progress. Our best prediction is that we are only a matter of months away from you, our loyal reader, having a chance to shave with one of these beautiful blades.

Stay tuned. 

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about us

Blade Research started with two guys and a simple question. Why don’t razor blades last longer? After years of shaving with (and throwing away) razors on a weekly basis we knew there had to be a better way. So we created Blade Research. With a few thousand dollars and the summer off after grad school, we researched and experimented until we had an idea we felt would solve this problem: a sapphire razor with a lifetime measured in months or even years. Look for the first version of our razor to go on sale in 2019.